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Carotid Duplex

This is a noninvasive ultrasound test used to see and measure the rate at which blood flows through your carotid arteries and look for possible blockages. This test does not require use of radiation, dye or needles. The test is performed in our office.


Why It’s Done

A carotid duplex is performed to determine whether plaque has accumulated in your arteries, causing carotid artery disease (hardening of the arteries).


This is a no-risk test.

What Can I Expect After Treatment?

The technician will send the ultrasound images to your vascular surgeon for evaluation. Typically, a report is available in 2–3 days. If anything critical is found, it is standard practice at most labs to notify the vascular surgeon immediately.


Wearing your street clothes, you will be asked to lie on a stretcher.

Ultrasound gel, usually warmed for your comfort, will be placed on either side of your neck.

Through the gel, the technician will apply to your neck a small hand-held device that emits sound waves (ultrasound probe).

When the test is completed, the technician will remove excess gel from your neck. The gel is water-soluble and will not stain your skin or clothes.

How to Prepare

Eat and take medications as usual. No fasting is need for this test.

Wear minimal or no jewelry to ease application and removal of gel.

Quit Smoking. Eat Healthy. Exercise.

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